Pizza Ovens


Wood-burning ovens have been used in Italy as backyard appliances for many years, and in this country, they are a fixture in pizza restaurants. Currently, the pizza oven is gaining popularity in back-yard kitchens as home-improvement shows and magazines are featuring them more and more—we are predicting that they will soon become an integral part of the high-end backyard kitchen.
Pizza Oven conducts temperatures of up to 600 degrees.


In the time it takes to heat coals on a grill, the wood in the Pizza Oven conducts temperatures of up to 600 degrees—pizzas are baked in as little as 5 minutes! Grilled vegetables, baked breads and pastas, roasted meats and poultry are cooked away from the flames, using heat conducted on the oven floor. The dome-shaped structure of the oven allows the radiant heat to be absorbed and retained for hours, and the convection flow of heat inside creates balanced cooking. The temperature of the oven is controlled by regulating the size of the flame.


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